Empty Handed

Have you ever gone into a store looking for something specific only to find that they don’t have it?  You end up wandering around for a little while trying to find something else that you might need or want so that you can make a purchase.  After awhile you decide there’s either nothing you can convince yourself to buy or you just don’t want to spend the money on non-sense so you decide to leave.  As you approach the exit, you know that every security camera in the place has started to turn to focus in on you.  You double-check to make sure you didn’t accidentally pick something up and forget that you were carrying it around.  Nothing in your hands.  You try to relax.  You’ve done nothing wrong, yet you feel the guilt grow and know that you have no reason to be guilty so you try even harder to not look guilty.  The closer you get to the door, the faster you walk, making a conscious effort to look side to side to see if there are security guards approaching but not wanting the cameras to pick up on your suspicious movements.  You reach into your pocket or purse, pull out the car keys and hold them up in plain site to show that you aren’t stuffing anything away, you are just removing your keys.  As the auto doors open, you cross the threshold and exhale.  A smile appears on your face as if you’ve gotten away with something but there’s nothing to be gained.  You hop into your car and head to the next place on your list to find the ever elusive item you’re in search of.

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