Two More

Well, I’ve queried two more publishers.  I’m going about it methodically.  I sent out two queries to publishers that required queries only.  I’ve not heard back from them and today marks the required 3 month timeframe.  I guess that’s my answer from them.  Last week, I sent to two publishers that required a small portion (50 pages) of my book.  I just hate sending my entire book to a publisher.  Sure, I understand it.  They want to know the whole book.  I think I would want to see the whole thing but I figure I’ll go to them last.  But that will be my next step.  In another 3 months.

I did copyright my work before sending any of it out.  Not that I think they’ll take my story and sell if for their own but you never really know these days.  I was happy about copyrighting it and more happy about sending out samples to two more publishers but I can’t help but sit here now and wonder what I’m doing with my life.  Maybe I’ll start on Part II.


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