Rejection 2

I wonder how high that number is going to go?  I sent out a couple more queries to publishers that I found.  I have a huge list to keep going through so I do as much as I can each day.  It has become my job which I’m really starting to enjoy.  This was a much more encouraging rejection however.  The publisher said they were definitely interested but they’d met their quota for publishing memoirs for the year.  She encouraged me to take excerpts of my story and enter into contests.  It’s an idea but I’ve found on other publisher’s websites that if any part of the story has been published, it needs to be disclosed.  So, I don’t want to get into that.

Speaking of contests, I did enter a contest on GlimmerTrain for a very short fiction entry and haven’t been declined yet.  As I’d said earlier, I’m trying to write, write, write in order to become a “writer”.  Sounds funny but if you think about it, it makes sense.  I figure I have enough of an imagination (or if I don’t, it’s time to build it up a bit) to come up with other stories.  Plus, it’s fun to get into some fiction after all the nonfiction writing.

I’m still struggling with traditional publishing vs self publishing.  I know, I know, I’ll probably continue to bellyache about it until I go with one or the other.  It just takes so long for traditional publishing and I won’t necessarily make that much money from it.  But they do all the editing, marketing, etc.  With that comes signing over rights to the story as well, which is probably the worst part.  I mean, I had dreams of my book making us millions but it’s more like it’ll make us thousands.  If I go self publishing, I get 100% of royalties, keep my rights but I have to edit (which we’re still doing, by the way), market, distribute, everything really.  I did some research last night to try and figure out what the price point would be for the book.  That was pretty cool.  Some publishers also want to see that research and want to know what I’m expecting to get from the book.  Did I mention that when going with a traditional publisher, the royalties gained by the author is around 25%.  That is, I’d get 25% of the sale of each book.  Think about that.  Between signing over rights to allow the editor/publisher to make whatever changes they want to the book and then only getting 25% out of it bugs me.  But, it would get my book on bookshelves whereas if I self publish, I have to get it on the bookshelves myself and bookstores don’t put self published books on bookshelves.  I’m trying to hook up my Facebook page, Twitter account and blog all together to try and get some marketing going.  If I’m only going to be able to sell the book to my couple of friends and family, then I certainly can’t do self publishing.

I’m just thinking this all out by writing about it.  🙂  And maybe complain a little bit.

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