Is it real?

I’ve been so good about writing – not so much on this blog – but writing none-the-less.  If I have an idea, I jot it down.  If I have an intro, I start it.  I’ve been entering contests galore which is where the majority of my stories have gone.  It’s kind of fun to enter them.  Some have themes and others just have word limits and no other restrictions.  That makes it harder actually, especially when the contests are for fiction.  I think of bizarro things to write about and form them into a story.  Sometimes I can’t come up with anything.  Everything is so real to me that I figure I can’t classify it as fiction but then I see the examples of others and the majority of them seem like non-fiction to me.  That makes me question if what they’re writing about is real or not.  How can writing about real things be classified as fiction?  It’s like that’s not fair.  It just bugs me.  I try and think of something real that’s not or a way to make it fake but just end up going back to real things.  Frustrating.

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