We Could Be Friends

I was a little put off this morning when I saw on the news that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had gotten married.  I felt a bit slighted for not having been invited.  I practically know Angie.  In fact, I’ve often thought that we really could be friends.  We have similar personalities.  Well, maybe not (probably not) similar but compatible.  Yes, definitely compatible.  It’s like when you meet a person for the first time and you know instantly that you will get along.  I’m very good at that.  Hell, I don’t even have to meet the person.  I can watch them for a few minutes and sometimes even in passing, I know.  So, I know that Angie and I would hit it off.  Of course, I’d only call her Angie after we’d been hanging out for awhile and I’d asked if it was ok to do so.  I understand her smile.  I relate to the sparkle in her eyes.  I get it.  We could be friends.

I’m not sure if I’m just delusional or what but I think this a lot.  It hits me square in the face when I relate to someone.  It’s a heartfelt feeling.  A relation that’s so strong that I have to believe it.  It started one day as a joke though.  I was listening to an artist who I’ve come to love and said “I could be friends with Howie”.  That’s Howie Day I’m referring to.  My partner and I shared a laugh at it.  But it wasn’t long, after I thought about it for a few minutes, that I said “No really, I really could be friends with him.”  She asked what I thought would be in it for him.  “Friendship” I answered.  She laughed again and asked why I assumed he’d just be my friend.  “Because we’re so much alike” I answered.  I don’t just listen to his music, I feel it.  I’m sure lots of people say that and probably about their favorite artists but he just seems down to earth.  We could be friends.

It makes me wonder, if famous weren’t famous, would they be different?  I’m sure they would.  I would guess that they have to put up all sorts of barriers and walls to protect themselves.  That really sucks.  I don’t like being hurt and I’m not famous so I can’t imagine what bad people could do to famous people.  It must be hard to trust anyone.  I’m pretty gullible.  Well, not horribly so.  Like I said, I usually know when someone is bad but sometimes I’m tricked.  I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and that’s bitten me in the ass a few times but that’s ok.  It’s life.  I wouldn’t go after a famous person just to take advantage of them.  I just want to be friends, provide support, be there as a friend should be.

It’s not every famous person though.  I couldn’t be friends with Cherlize Theron.  She frightens me.  She’s in the same realm as Angelina but on a different scale.  She’s so intense that I would never be comfortable around her.  I couldn’t be friends with Ellen Degeneres.  I love all that she is and does but she’s too hyper and scattered.  I couldn’t handle the constant chatter and lack of focus.  It would be like trying to pet a cat that’s chasing a laser light.  I couldn’t be friends with Sarah Mclachlan or Alanis Morrissette because they’re both too crunchy.  If I want a cheeseburger, I don’t want to hear about GMOs and slaughterhouses and whatever.  I just want a cheeseburger.

I could be friends with Jennifer Lawrence.  She’s quite a bit younger than I am but I love that she’s just herself.  The same is true for Julia Roberts.  She used to be really down to earth and I think she still really has it in her but the people that take advantage of others have forced her into being someone she’s not most of the time.

I’ve met a couple famous people.  I met Rachel Ray at one of her book signings once.  She was very nice.  We could be friends.  I’ve met my idol, Pat Benatar many times.  She’s larger than life to me.  I just stand, paralyzed, every time I meet her.  And then I cry afterwards.  It’s just too much.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t be friends.  It just wouldn’t work.  I want to be comfortable with my friends and not in meltdown mode every time I see them.  I’ve often pictured myself sitting with her and Neil (her husband if for some reason you didn’t know that!) at their kitchen counter in their home having some pasta that Pat just whipped up.  Shooting the breeze.  Hanging out.  She may belt out a song or a few lyrics as she wanders around her kitchen.  Neil accompanying her with his acoustic guitar as he munches on the pasta as well.  But I can’t say that I’d ever get to that point with them.  I got Lisa Marie Presley’s autograph once.  I’m not sure if we could be friends.  I’d like to think we could.  She’s genuine and so appreciates her fans that I think it would work.  I met Whoopi Goldberg once in New York City.  She was so down to earth and likable.  It was a million years ago just as her HBO special was coming out.  She kept saying that she knew my brother but he’d never met her.  It was awesome that she spent time talking to us.  I think Whoopi might be in a different league than I am.  She would want to talk about world events and I don’t know too much about what’s going on.  I have a hard enough time keeping track of myself much less the goings on around the world.  I met Ru Paul.  I love him.  I’m too crazy about him to be his friend.  I’d be giving him googly eyes all the time.  He’s so handsome and so beautiful that I would be forever distracted and not be able to be there for him when he needed me.  I have met Howie a few times after his shows.  I just stand there and then talk a mile a minute about how great he is after I walk away.  I have a starstruck personality I guess.  Hmm, makes me wonder if I really could be friends with them.  I think it would just take time.  They’d probably need some space too in order to figure out that I’m the real deal and not some lunatic looking for something.

My friend said that she would find it hard to be friends with an actor or actress because how would you know when they’re acting – it’s their job.  I would know.  You can tell when someone is being fake.  I’d be crushed if they hurt me like that but I wouldn’t be friends with someone who was capable of that.  It makes me wonder if famous people have non-famous friends.  I wonder if they have friends at all?

There is a flip-side to all of this – possibly.  What if I’m already friends with someone that becomes famous?!  I suppose that’s a different story altogether.  I do happen to know an upcoming superstar.  Her name is Regan Mason Haley.  She played Tracey Atkinson in the National Tour of the Broadway musical Billy Elliot.  We are friends.  But it’s not about becoming friends with someone famous.  It’s about being friends with someone you know you’d get along with, who just so happens to be famous.  For now, I suppose I’ll just make friends as it happens and not worry about it all.


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