Not my fault and not your fault but a land fault.  We went wandering around this weekend along the Hollister, Stanford and San Andreas Faults.  The faults made me think of eating too much pasta and having the seams of my shorts stretched to capacity.  Or zipping a zipper up when it’s not matched correctly when it’s started or when it has a catch and bump in it.  It’s like the earth is busting at the seams in these areas.  Some of the homes and streets show the evidence of the plates sliding.  The sidewalks having a jig in them.  The playgrounds are higher in one spot than in the other.  Porches and steps no longer attached and meeting up.

When we looked up the faults online, we found a lot of information but the most disturbing is that the evidence is usually covered over, filled in and hidden.  I assume that helps those with property in the area to not have gawkers and to ease their property value a bit.  But that seems scary as hell that it can just be covered up.

We saw where whole sides of cliffs have given way, homes crumbled and no longer thought of.  Highways have been moved to be further away while homes lose a little of their yard over time.  Water towers perched up high where no one wants to build so it only makes sense that we’d put some infrastructure there.  Crazy.  But interesting.

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