Football Follies

It seems that the NFL has been in the (negative) spotlight lately.  They tend to come out swinging, saying they’re going to do this or that and then nothing ever happens.  They make promises and then don’t deliver.  That made me think about a few other things that have seemed to go unnoticed or maybe it’s just me.

First off, what happened to the female referees that were so publicly displayed during the preseason?  They seemed to have disappeared.

And what happened to the Redskins changing their name?  I thought I read an article that said they were going to be the Washington Warriors or something like that.  Why are they still the Redskins?  And not to run down a controversial alley but why not – yes, I do feel they should change their name.

If the NFL is so into head injuries, and the new rules certainly prove that with penalties being more prevalent this year than in past seasons, then why do players still head-butt one another after a great play or a touchdown?  Why do they continue to slap and pound one another in the head to congratulate each other?  Isn’t that just stupid?  I know a slap or a butt isn’t like having a 400 pound man ram you in the head but they get pretty pumped up at times.  I can see the head being moved when they’re celebrating that way.  It just seems like it’s not right when there’s so much focus on keeping athletes healthy.

And when the hell are they going to stop the end zone celebrations?  It’s just disgusting.  I don’t need to see gyrating, humping, or any other pre-adolescent motions.  How is it not considered unsportsmanlike behavior?  It’s just not necessary and I feel it’s actually wrong.  Grow up athletes and set the example you’re supposed to set.

OK, enough of that ranting.  I love football.  I love baseball.  I hated leaving my beloved Red Sox behind and I miss Fenway Park but it’s fun to visit other parks and learn other teams by moving around.  I think the Red Sox will forever be in my heart, however.

I used to love hockey but seemed to leave it behind.  I moved from a warm state where I loved hockey to a cold state where I left it behind.  Weird.  With hockey though, there’s the issue of fighting.  It’s funny that when I went to games all of the time, I thought it was a part of hockey.  You can’t have hockey and not have fighting but now that I’m not that in to it, I’m not sure I still agree with it.  It really doesn’t set a great example for kids.  And of course, it’s all about the children these days.  God help the children.  Don’t get me started.  Oh right, and I was supposed to just be talking about football.

So, it’s Thursday night and I’m already thinking about what type of football food I’m going to make for dinner because sports is actually all about the food, as are most things in my life.

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