The Game of Life

My mom was a guest at my house for a few days last week.  I saw it as an opportunity to pull down my board games.  I’ve loved playing games since I was a kid.  I grabbed the two that were easiest to get to – Life and Monopoly.  We started with Life and I was shocked that I couldn’t remember how to play it.  I went to the directions and still struggled.  The first time through, we missed the STOP to get kids and it really bummed us out.  But we both had really good jobs but I failed to land on a single PAYDAY so I ended the game owing the bank $280,000.  It was such a let down that I wondered how I found the game fun when I was a kid.  It all looked good on paper though.  I had a $100k salary, a farm house.  It’s almost like it was too real to be fun as an adult but loved it as a kid.  Maybe it was the prospect of it all when I was little.  The glamour, the uncertainty.  Now, I just found it too real, too telling, too serious.

We decided to give it another try.  I thought I’d try the college route this time rather than the career route.  It was ridiculous.  It started off in debt and didn’t get a payday until much later so I changed my mind and went back to the career route.  I figured why start off so far in debt with no guarantee of grabbing a career card that would offer a nice salary.  It just didn’t make sense.  It was mimicking my actual life.  I grabbed my career card and was so disappointed by the $20k salary.  But we stopped for kids this time.  I ended up with a ginormous house which was very uncharacteristic for me but the best part was that I ended up writing a novel and won the Nobel Peace Prize.  How awesome.  And I won the game that time.  Not like life at all.

We moved on from there to Monopoly which took so many hours that we basically threw in the towel.  Monopoly reminds me of my brother.  He was a pro at the game.  I think I beat him once which I’m sure he let me.  Early on with mine and Mama’s game, I was able to buy Park Place and Boardwalk which was also very reminiscent of Michael as well.  I ended up winning.  Thanks Michael.

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