Is it wasted when you try something new and don’t like it?

I’ve been working on a Pumpkin, Curry and Coconut Milk soup today.  I’ve been doing more chores in between the processes of simmering the onions, heating the stock, heating the pumpkin.  It smells awesome but doesn’t taste so much so.  It’s had me doctoring the dish for a few hours now.  I added more curry.  Added more salt.  Let it simmer for a bit.  Added some smoked, hot paprika.  Nope.  Just not doing it for me.  It’s not like I’ve made this dish before or even tried it at a restaurant and just can’t reproduce it.  This is a first time dish.  I’m kind of disappointed.  It took the remainder of my Halloween pumpkin meat to make the soup so I’ll have to wait until I disassemble and process the other one before being able to make more dishes.  But I don’t want to give up just yet.  However, I wonder if I’ll like the dish no matter what I do to it.  It has the consistency of potato soup, which I love, so I have hope that I can make it good but I don’t want to keep adding ingredients (like my prized sweet potato that I’ve been waiting to bake and eat with tons of butter, cinnamon and ginger that’s now diced and in the soup pot – my reasoning was just as I said, it resembles potato soup so why not chunks of potato, or better yet, sweet potato?) and up the amount of items I may ultimately throw in the trash.  It made me think on the question, is it better to try something and not like it, having wasted the money, time, energy, etc. on something rather than not having tried it at all.  It sucks, yes, but absolutely, it’s worth every bit of wasted everything!  I love trying new things.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.  When they work, they’re usually awesome and when they don’t, then I know better for next time.

At least tomorrow is trash day!


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