This blog, Manic Musing, is a place for me to discuss issues and topics that I ponder over.  I write with extreme honesty, empathy and understanding for what is real and true to me.  I hope that others will be able to relate to what I’m posting, offer support and provide insight on the postings.  I hope that it is shared amongst us so that others know they’re not alone when thinking similar thoughts or going through similar situations.

A little bit about me:  I’ve recently departed from the technology field where I spent more than 25 years.  I hope to start anew, or at least add to my repertoire, being a writer.  I’ve just finished writing my first book and want to keep writing, but in a lighter manner, so I’ve started this blog, Manic Musing.

You can find my book “A Series of Events” on Amazon at http://amzn.to/YnToPS or in the iBook store at http://bit.ly/1wttPYE.

Find me on Twitter @MichelleRStoner

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