Music Memories

I was running errands yesterday, doing a bit of Christmas shopping and preparing for the rain storm that is bringing us much needed rain.  I had the Christmas tunes on and something came on that I wasn’t too fond of so I switched over to my favorite local 80’s channel.  It was perfect timing.  I heard the beginning of a familiar song and within a few seconds, I launched into Rapper’s Delight.  I know every hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hop part of the song and I love it.  It’s such a fun song to sing and it put me right back on the bus, riding to school with my friends, the music blaring from my boom box that I took everywhere with me.  I go into full hand motions and acting out the song while in my car, not caring who’s looking, hoping that everyone can have as much fun as I can by myself, listening to the radio.

I thought about talking with my friend “Ron” from my book.  I just spoke with him last month.  It was good getting caught up with him.  He said that when he first stepped on that same school bus so many years ago, his life was changed forever.  We laughed.  He said he walked down the isle of the bus and saw me with my friend “Taylor”.  We were sunken down in the oversized bus bench seat, with our knees up on the back of the seat in front of us.  We both had sunglasses on and Taylor’s hair was blown out.  We laughed again because it was so right, our memories.  I could see us all.  When the two of us saw Ron, I flipped my sunglasses up and said “hi”.

Back in my car, I could see all of this in my head without missing a beat or a word of the song.  It was such a long time ago and the regrets pained my heart.  I introduced “Ron” to more than two crazy girls and rap music.

The song ended as I pulled into the grocery store parking lot.  Sheila E. came on.  I was transported from the bus to my living room, practicing dance moves with “Faith”, my best friend.  We were inseparable.  I sang about the Glamorous Life and pictured us, always clowning around, eating and forever dancing.  Best friends forever was really best friends for a little while or maybe best friends until things get tough or indifferent or complicated.

When I returned to the car, I was heading to the mall when Jam On It came on. Yeah, yeah, we know, we know.  I’m not the least bit embarrassed that I used to break dance.  I saw myself “popping” and wished I was still as good as I was then.  As each year passes in my life, I wonder what the oldest dancer has ever been to start a career, not considering endurance, flexibility, skill or any of the other important requirements that are needed to be a dancer.

There’s lots of things I want to be.  There’s lots of things I’ve been.  I’m going to go make dinner.

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Love Easy

Hmm, that’s a great title for a story.  I might use that sometime.  Need to write myself a note.  Anyway, I was thinking while driving the other day about my childhood friends and those that have come into my life and left an imprint.  There’s been so many people that it made me realize that I love easy.  I trust people and usually end up sharing a piece of me with them and them with me.  That sharing always causes a connection.  It’s hard not to love when there’s that connection.  I have childhood friends that I still consider so close that I’d do anything for them.  I don’t know if the feeling is always reciprocated but it doesn’t matter.  When we were little, I loved them.  We’d play, talk, take care of one another, be there through just about anything we got ourselves into.  That love doesn’t just disappear because we don’t see each other every day.  Time does not erase memories or take away the events that shape our lives.  I carry this love around with me every day.  Sometimes it’s too much.  I want to offload it but I can’t.  I can’t forget someone or cross them off of the friends list.  I think about the times we spent together.  The laughs, the tears.  I miss people which makes me sad.  It’s so much easier to keep in touch through social media these days but it’s not the same.  It’s not like sitting across from one another at a table and catching up.  It is a nice container.  I have everyone in one place that I can go to get to them.  And it’s not just childhood friends.  It’s adult friends too.  Some that I consider family members now, I met while I was an adult.  I don’t know what I’d do without these people.  It’s hard for me to make friends but when I do, I hold them close.  I think about them often, I worry about them, I sympathize and empathize with them across the miles.  I probably think about them too much but that’s just me.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing to love easy, but it does cause heartache over time.  I hope those that I do love know that I love them.